August 2016

Palmyra Community Library

Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting

August 18, 2016 6:30 PM @402 East Main Street

Present: Alicia Lynch, Kathy Wooden, Sandra Goehle, Deborah Nagle, Carolyn

Bradstreet, Patricia Baynes (Director), Jennifer Voss (Clerk of the Works)

Excused: Courtney Marr, Jenifer Smyth

Meeting Minutes:

Upon motion duly made and seconded, the meeting minutes for July 2016 were


Director’s Report:

Upon motion duly made and seconded, the director’s report for July 2016 was

unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Upon motion duly made and seconded, the treasurer’s report for July 2016 was

unanimously approved.

Motion duly made and seconded, unanimous approval of Abstract #8, which includes

vouchers #2016-187 - #2016-207 in the amount of $20,135.62.

Public Comment:

No public comment was made.


The Library will purchase a new digital reader/printer with the funds from the NYS

Grant. The remainder of the funds will be used for library signage.

402 E. Main Street Building/Grounds:

The shoe molding was completed by Tim Moon. It looks great.

The roof and A/C repairs are complete.

Chuck White completed the proposal for the elevator lobby and rest room area. Bids will be submitted 9/15/2016 from Mech Tech and Roth. Chuck White will review the bids to make sure everything needed is included before the board approves one.

The board approved architectural fees for John Page from Bero Architects.

Items for Discussion:

The official naming, dedication, and Grand Opening date has been set for September 25, 2016 from 1-3pm.

Three candidates for Library Board of Trustees will be selected through public vote in October 2016.

Third floor room use will be contingent on the availability of the library staff available for the event. It will be researched to see if we can charge for the staff salary needed.

The Art Gallery policy and guidelines were approved.

The Pioneer Library Systems Free Direct Access Plan renewal was approved by the board. This allows households not within a library boundary to have use of the closest PLS library.

Next Regular Meeting: Thursday, September 16th, 2016



Board meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of every month at 402 East Main Street at 6:30PM. The public is welcome to attend.  


Carolyn Bradstreet 
Deborah Nagle
Jenifer Smyth
Kathy Wooden
Alicia Lynch
Sandy Goehle
​Courtney Marr

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