May Minutes

Palmyra Community Library

Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting

Present: Carolyn Bradstreet, Deb Nagle, Sandy Goehle, Courtney Marr, Mike Braell, Shawn Williams, Patricia Baynes-Director, Kathy Wooden

Guest: Annmarie Priestley


Meeting Minutes:

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the amended meeting minutes of April 9, 2018 were unanimously approved.

Director's Report:

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the Director's report for April 2018 was unanimously approved.

Treasurer's Report:

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, an amended Abstract #4, vouchers 2018-65 – 2018-84 of the March 2018 Treasurer's report was unanimously approved, to include payment of the NYSEG bill which was received late. Upon a second motion duly made and seconded, the April 2018 Treasurer’s report was unanimously approved, including Abstract #5, vouchers 2018-85- 2018-102.

Public Comment:

There was no public comment.


Grants: There was nothing new to report.

Building and Grounds:

1.Patricia reported the completed installation of the new first floor AC unit, with final payment having been made. An estimate for replacement of the aged second floor unit was received from Potter Heating and Cooling and will be good for 1 year. Future grant money may be earmarked for this project.

2. The new light for the back parking lot has been installed.

3.Patricia has received an estimate from Al Liberio for work on the crumbling plaster walls in the main staircase and is waiting for an estimate from Milkay Construction before proceeding.

4.Patricia reported that Empire Wrecking repaired another sink hole which recently developed in the front parking lot and will be responsible for anymore similar problems.

5.Patricia spoke about the need for a first floor window repair, behind the circulation desk, as well as the storm window in the second floor men’s room. Rochester Colonial, who did the original window work, and, possibly Secore will be contacted for estimates.

6. Patricia has submitted an “intent to apply” application for Library Construction Grants for 2019. The filing deadline for 2019 grant money is August 31, 2018.

7.The Board discussed the paving of the front parking area. It was suggested the Board wait until the expected grant money is in hand, but bids from pavers will be sought and the original parking area plans may be revised to reflect space and use issues.

Items for Discussion/Resolution:

  • Annmarie Priestley was appointed by the Board to fill the vacant 7th Trustee position. She was administered the oath of office, it was notarized and she was welcomed to the Board.

  • The Board revisited a discussion of involvement with the “Family Promise” program. As there were many questions and concerns, Carolyn will organize the issues and meet again with John Cook for clarification.

  • Trustees were asked to form a personnel committee for purposes of performing a PCL Director’s evaluation. Mike Braell will facilitate, with Sandy Goehle and Shawn Williams serving on the committee. Per Open Meeting requirements, the first meeting on June 11, 6:30 in the Doug Wilson room, has been posted and publicized.

  • Mike had requested information on PCL endowments and shared that info with the Board.

  • The Board chose June 4, 7:00 for the annual Dixie Prittie awards. Invitations to the honorees have been sent and the public is invited to attend.

  • The Personnel Policy review will be finalized at the June 21 meeting, as well as an overview of the PCL By Laws and Charter.(Are they in agreement?)

Upcoming Events:

Some upcoming events at PCL were highlighted, including a Trustee/Director Workshop on Human Relations in Victor on June 5, the start of walking groups beginning June 4 at 9:00, Creative Strokes on June 11, “Hidden in Plain Sight”, a workshop on spotting drug and alcohol abuse in teens on June 12 and Drake Memorial Sculpture dedication on June 23.

Round Table Discussions:

Patricia asked the Board for and was granted permission to release 3 books from the Library collection to appropriate groups. Carolyn invited the Board to a picnic at her home on July 25.

Next meeting-Thursday, June 21, 2018, 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Goehle



Board meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of every month at 402 East Main Street at 6:30PM. The public is welcome to attend.  


Carolyn Bradstreet 
Deborah Nagle
Jenifer Smyth
Kathy Wooden
Alicia Lynch
Sandy Goehle
​Courtney Marr

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