May Minutes

Palmyra Community Library

Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting

May 20, 2021, 6:30 p.m.

This is an in person meeting.

Present: Debbie Nagle, Sandy Goehle, Mike Braell, Chris Ossont, Sharon Sweeney, Sarah Wimer, Patricia Baynes-Director, Sheryl LaDelfa-Treasurer Absent: Ian Priestley


Meeting Minutes:

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the amended minutes of the April 15, 2021 were unanimously approved.

Director's Report:

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the Director's report for April 2021 was unanimously approved.

Treasurer's Report:

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the April 2021 Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved, including Abstract #5, vouchers 2021-68 --- 2021-84. Mike asked Sheryl to report on the ending balance from 2020.

Public Comment:



1.Patricia reported that the 2020 NYS Construction Grant for the roof project has been extended to June 29. As the proposed gutter project would not be eligible, Patricia suggested several other possibilities, including heating in the Loan Closet, repair and painting of several windowsills, security camera updates, rehabbing the rear parking area.

Policy committee:

1.Has not met recently.

Finance Committee:

1.Sandy noted that the April 28, 2021 finance committee minutes had been shared digitally. (May 19 meeting minutes will be published soon.) Mike announced the next meeting of June 16, 2021, 6:00 in person at PCL. We will perform the claims audit of of May vouchers at 6:00, followed by the regular Finance Committee meeting at 6:30.

Building and Grounds:

1.Nothing new to report.

Items for Discussion/Resolution:

· Patricia initiated a discussion of possible Dixie Prittie award recipients. A date of July 19, 6:00 was suggested for the annual awards ceremony.

· Debbie reminded the Board of various Trustee workshops being offered by PLS. Descriptions of the classes and registration is available on the PLS website.

Sheryl reported the auditors had filed a 990 extension, and noted the audit may be complete by the July 15 Board meeting.

· Patricia shared that people are beginning to ask about use of Library spaces, and that based on Covid guidelines, she has continued to say No. She suggested this be revisited on a monthly basis, before any changes are made. Patricia also noted that no proof of vaccination is being required at PCL, the honor system requires those not vaccinated to continue wearing a mask, no mask necessary if vaccinated.

· The Board continued discussion of new bank accounts, as needed for PCL. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to authorize Patricia and Debbie to apply for and open a credit card account for PCL. This account will be earmarked for use in the purchase of program supplies, will have limits applied and will consist of 3 cards to be used only by Patricia, Sheila and Allison.

· After further discussion, a motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to authorize the PCL Treasurer (Sheryl) to open separate accounts, for the Memorial Fund and the Building Reserve Fund.

· Patricia reminded all Trustees of the need to sign a “Conflict of Interest Policy” annually. All present signed.

Upcoming Events at PCL: Please refer to the spring newsletter, PCL website or call the Library to check out all that’s going on.

Strategic Plan 2018-2022:

· Completed- installation of energy efficient AC for 1st floor-(2018)

· Completed-set-up of a suggestion box on the PCL website to collect patron feedback.(July 2018)

· Completed - back steps repair/improvement project.(Oct. 2018)

· Completed- external audit of PCL finances (Dec. 2018)

· Completed-Send Library news through monthly digital newsletters and e mail to increase public access to Library info (Dec. 2018)

· Completed- Creation of a CommunityResource Guide with current information about local services and organizations, in print and digital formats.(Oct. 2019)

· Completed the front parking area, including, paving, lighting, landscaping and adding a drive –up book return. (July 2020)

On deck for 2021 completion:

1.Install interior signage as guides to the Library collection and all various areas of the building.

2. Create a committee to begin planning for the next PCL Strategic Plan.

A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to adjourn.

Next meeting-Thursday, June 17, 2021, 6:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Goehle