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Local History

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Local History


The Family Photos Collection from the Palmyra Community Library’s Local History Room is now available online through the New York Heritage Digital Collection website. Photos are being added regularly, so please check back often for updates.

The Family Photos Collection consists of over 700 Palmyra-related photographs, ranging in dates from about the mid-1800s to the 1970s. They include photographs of people, events, organizations, street views and more. The collection was scanned with the generous support of The Friends of the Palmyra Library and the assistance of the Rochester Regional Library Council.

Due to the size of this collection, the photos are being added to the New York Heritage website in batches which are expected every week or two until completed. The photographs are searchable and any known notes about the photograph are also included. 

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Also included in the NY Heritage Digital Collections is

The Frederick W. Griffith Baseball Papers, 1858-1928.

These documents help form a picture of organized baseball in the United States and New York during the late 19th century.


Palmyra House and Building History Project

(established 2020)

We have a Local History Room which includes maps, scrapbooks, genealogical files and photographs, newspaper indexes, local history books, regional and community interest holdings, files and other information that relates to Palmyra’s rich history. One of the questions the staff gets regularly is, “How can I find out more about my house?”


The library has established a Palmyra House & Building History Project, where histories of properties in Palmyra are collected and preserved. Space in the library’s local history room has been created to hold these histories.


An associated pamphlet, “Researching Your Property’s History,” is a how-to guide to assist you. Scroll down.

How: Fill out this form below or download a paper copy and return to the circulation desk. This will become a public document and by submitting this form you agree and understand this.  


Researching Your Property’s History
is a how-to guide to assist you. Read below. Download or Photocopy at the Circulation Desk.

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