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Picture of the Art Gallery on the 3rd floor of the library.

The primary purpose of the Palmyra Community Library art gallery is to enrich the library experience of those visiting the Palmyra Community Library, particularly:


  • To enhance and increase community appreciation of the arts

  • To present a variety of exhibits including works by artists in the visual arts and also exhibits of historical significance

  • To help local and regional artists increase their public exposure


The Palmyra Community Library welcomes artists and exhibitors to display works in the gallery under the following guidelines:


  • Art exhibits are scheduled for two months.

  • Exhibit decisions are made by the Art Gallery Committee which includes community members and the Library Director.

  • All works must be the original work of the artist and must not infringe on the rights of any other party.  The artist must be the sole copyright owner of all works exhibited and must have permission of any people featured in the works or their parents/guardians.

  • Permission is granted to the library to photograph and reproduce any work accepted for exhibit for publicity purposes.

  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to set up and remove the exhibit.  Artists must be prepared to hang their work within the first two days of the first month scheduled.  All artwork included in the exhibit must remain hanging during the duration of the show.  The artist must remove artwork no later than two days before the end of the month. The library cannot provide storage space.  Both installation and removal must occur during regular library hours.

  • The gallery utilizes a special hanging system for artwork.  Works must be framed, matted or have a support structure with a wire across the back to accommodate the system.  No other method of hanging (tape, glue, tacks, nails, etc.) may be used.

  • The measurements of the wall space available for an exhibit are as follows:  14 ½ ‘ x 6’,  7 ½’  x 6’, 18’ x 4’ and 4 ½’ x 4’.

  • A member of the Art Gallery Committee must approve the exhibit after it is hung and may require changes in layout for appearance or safety considerations.

  • Exhibitors are asked to remember that the gallery is a public area readily accessible to people of all ages and should therefore ensure that all pieces are “family-friendly”.

  • The gallery is open to the public during library hours but is not monitored by library staff.  The library is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage that may occur while works are on exhibit.  All who choose to exhibit will be required to sign a form releasing the library from all such liability.

  • Direct sale of works on exhibit is not permitted on library property.  There shall be no pricing information posted with the works.  Contact information for the artist may be left at the gallery.

  • The artist will produce a sign for display to include a brief biography and description of the exhibit.  The artist is also responsible for producing cardstock labels for each art piece.

  • The library will publicize the exhibit in local newspapers and on social media.

  • If desired, the artist may host an opening reception in the gallery or community room during library hours.  All food, tablecloths, paper goods, glasses, etc are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

  • Library use of the gallery takes precedence over any other use.  In the unlikely event that the library should require the gallery for its own use, the Library Director has the right to pre-empt the space.

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