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  • Mary Beth Poupart

December Minutes

Thursday, December 21, 2023    6:30 PM  

Present: Mike Braell, Kathy Pray, Ed Doyle, Barb Lloyd, Sarah Wimer, Mary Beth Poupart, Sharon Sweeney, Sheila Koeberle-Library Manager and Sheryl LaDelfa-Treasurer

Excused: none

Meeting called to order at  6:30.

Motion to amend the Agenda – Upon a motion made by Sarah and seconded by Sharon and unanimously approved to add the FFRPL Grant report to the agenda..                                                              


November Board Meeting Minutes  

Upon a motion made by Sarah and seconded by Barb the minutes of the November 16, 2023 Monthly Board of Trustees were unanimously approved.                    

Manager’s Report

·      Upon a motion made Sarah by and seconded by Sharon,“Sheila’s Library Manager’s Report for November 2023 was unanimously accepted.


Treasurer’s Report

·      Upon a motion made by Sarah and seconded by Mary Beth, the November 2023 Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved, including Abstract #12, vouchers 2023-185--- 2023-202 with $5671.02 funds requested and approximately $17,500 for payroll transferred.

Public Comment: none



Finance Committee: Met December 20, 2023. Mike sent minutes and they were accepted by the Board. A working session will be held to try to calculate the PCL financial needs for fiscal year 2025. Next meeting is January 24, 2024

Policy Committee: Meeting on December 5 to discuss updates to Policies that require a review. Next meeting is scheduled for February 6, 2024.

Facilities Committee: Met but minutes not yet available, will be at the January Board meeting.


Items for Discussion/Action:

•   PCL 2024 Budget: Reviewed Proposed 2024 Budget. Upon a motion made by Sarah and seconded by Sharon the 2024 PCL Budget was unanaimously approved.

•   Executive session to discuss a legal matter pertaining to the PCL. 

Sharon made the motion “I move that the Board of Trustees, inviting the attendance of the Library Manager and Library Treasurer, enter into Executive Session to discuss the rationale and recommendations of our legal counsel in regard to a pending issue”. Sarah seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved. Executive Session was entered at 6:55pm. The Board exited Executive Session at 7:17pm and resumed the open meeting. The Trustees will have one month to consider the matter discussed and will reach a decision at the regular January 2024 Board meeting.

•   Reminder about the PCL Open Meeting Policy and all public meetings. Mike reminded Committee Chairs it is best practice to have copies of the PCL Open Meeting policy and a Public Comment sign in sheet available at all committee meetings. 

•   Reminder of nominations for officers, and committee formation of the  2024 Board will take place at the January 2024 annual meeting. 

•   Reminder of committee reports due to Sheila by January 12, 2024  for the January 2024 annual meeting.

•   FFRPL Grant Report – Sheila presented the FFRPL Grant Report for 2023. Upon a motion made by Sarah and seconded by Sharon the Board unanimously approved the report.                                                        

•   A motion was made by Sarah  and seconded by  Sharon and unanimously approved to adjourn meeting at 7:32pm.


Next Annual Meeting and Regular Monthly Meeting:  January 25, 2024    6:30pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Beth Poupart

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