The Palmyra Community Library brings people, information and ideas together in a safe, welcoming environment to enrich lives, provide support and strengthen the community.




The Board of Trustees (hereinafter designated as the “Board”) of the Palmyra Community Library, a corporation created under Charter No. 24,728 granted under Section 253 of the New York State Education Law by the Board of Regents of the State of New York, dated February 10, 2009 shall be governed by the laws of New York State, the regulations of the Commissioner of Education and by the following by-laws.








  1. The name of the organization shall be the Palmyra Community Library.





  1. The purpose of the organization is to provide public library programs and services                                            to the residents of the Palmyra Community public library district, in the town of Palmyra, excluding the portion of the town that lies within the Newark central school district.





  1. The fiscal year of the library shall be the calendar year.





  1. The Library shall be governed by a Board of Trustees.  The Board shall consist of seven members, elected for terms of four years each.  Newly elected members will take office on the first day of the month following the election.


  1. A trustee shall be limited to two consecutive four-year terms.


  1. Eligibility for office shall be limited to qualified voters of the district who have been residents of the district for at least one year prior to the election, excluding immediate family members of standing library employees e.g. parents, children, spouses, siblings, and in-laws.


  1. A vacancy on the Board shall be filled, until the next election occurs, by a person chosen by the remaining Board members.


  1. If any Trustee shall fail to attend 3 consecutive regular meetings of the Board without an excuse accepted as satisfactory by the Board, he or she shall be deemed to have resigned and the vacancy will be filled by appointment of a successor who shall take office until the next election occurs.





  1. Officers of the Board shall be elected at the annual meeting or at the first regular meeting of the year.  They shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary chosen from the Board members.


  1. Officers shall serve one year from the annual meeting at which they are elected or until their successors are elected. 


  1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board, shall authorize calls for any special meetings, shall appoint all committees, shall execute all documents authorized by the Board, shall serve ex-officio on all committees, and shall perform the duties associated with that office.  The President may be authorized to sign checks.


  1. The Vice-President shall assume and perform the duties and functions of the President in the event that the President is unable or unwilling to perform them.

In the event both the President and Vice-President are unable to perform the duties and functions of their office, the Board, upon a motion carried at a regular, public meeting, may appoint a temporary President who will perform the duties and functions of that office until which time one of the following comes to pass:

-the standing President and/or Vice-President is able to perform the duties and functions of their office.

-a new President is nominated and elected at the regular annual meeting of the Board of Trustees.


  1. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Board, shall issue notice of the annual meeting, and shall perform such duties as are generally associated with that office.


  1. The Treasurer is a Board-appointed, non-voting member of the Board. The Treasurer shall be responsible for depositing and disbursing library funds, maintaining appropriate accounting records and providing a monthly report of income, expenses and account balances to the Board.





  1. The Board will hold a minimum of ten meetings per year.


  1. Special meetings for the transaction of specified business may be called by the President, or at the request of at least three trustees.


  1. A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of four trustees.  In the absence of a quorum, the trustees present may adjourn the meeting to a specified date and notify all trustees.


  1. The Order of Business (Agenda) shall be established by the President.


  1. The Director may attend all meetings of the Board, may participate in all discussions, may offer professional advice, but may not vote.


  1. The annual meeting will be held in January.





  1. Committees for specific purposes may be appointed by the President.  Such committees shall serve until the completion of the work for which they are appointed.


  1. All committees shall make a progress report to the board at each of its meetings and submit a written annual report.


  1. No committee will have other than advisory powers unless, by suitable action of the Board, it is granted specific power to act.




  1. The Board shall appoint a Director who shall be the executive officer of the policies of the Board and shall have charge of the administration of the library under the direction and review of the Board.  The Director shall be responsible for the care of the buildings and equipment; for the employment and direction of the staff; for the efficiency of the library’s service to the public; and for the operation of the library under the financial conditions contained in the annual budget.  The Director shall render and submit to the Board reports and recommendations of such policies and procedures, which, in the opinion of the Director, will improve efficiency and quality of library service.  The Director may attend all Board meetings except the portion of the meeting at which the Director’s appointment or salary is to be discussed or decided.


  1. The Director shall be authorized to sign contracts and shall be authorized to sign checks on behalf of the library, as the Board deems necessary.





  1. The Board of Trustees may amend these by-laws by a majority vote of all Board members.



Approved by the Palmyra Community Library Board of Trustees, dated March 19, 2009.

Amended: April 16, 2009, Oct. 21, 2010, Jan. 17, 2013, May 16, 2019, July 15, 2021