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August Minutes

Palmyra Community Library

Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2023, 6:30 p.m.

Present: Mike Braell, Sharon Sweeney, Chris Ossont, Sarah Wimer, Mary Beth Poupart, Barb Lloyd, Sheila Koeberle-Library Manager, Sheryl Ladelfa-Treasurer

Excused: Sandy Goehle

Mike opened the meeting at 6:30.

Motion to amend the Agenda – Mike shared the purpose of this


Meeting Minutes:

Upon a motion made by Barb and seconded by Sharon, “ the minutes of the July 20, 2023 Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting, including the amendment to the Treasurer’s Report, were unanimously approved.”

Manager's Report:

Upon a motion made by Sarah and seconded by Sharon, “Sheila's Library Manager’s Report for July 2023 was unanimously accepted.” Sheryl suggested we add an agenda item to the September Board Meeting to discuss what constitutes a standard work day/hours at PCL.

Treasurer's Report:

Upon a motion made by Sharon, seconded by Sarah, “the July 2023 Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved, including Abstract #8, vouchers 2023-121--- 2023-137, with $9,855.35 funds requested and approximately $17,500 for payroll transferred.” Mike noted preliminary work on the PCL 2024 budget had begun and that the September Finance Committee Meeting will be a budget work session. Sheila and Sheryl have each generated a wish list. Mike shared a possible system (a tab on the Financials) for tracking how Reserve Funds are being used. This is a tool he felt would be useful for the Board and would provide clarity and transparency. He will add this to the September Finance Committee Meeting agenda.

Public Comment: none


Finance Committee: Mike shared the updated minutes from the August 9, 2023 meeting. The next meeting will be Sept. 20, 6:30.

Policy Committee: Will meet when Sheila returns from vacation.

Facilities Committee: Sarah reported on the August 1st meeting. Wayne County Soil and Water is providing PCL with $7500 to secure the services of an engineer to consult on the Hathaway Brook Culvert project.

Evaluation Committee: Sarah will send out the questionnaire to Trustees by September 5, with submissions due by October 3, 2023.

Upcoming Trustee Workshops:

Check the OWWL website for new Trustee workshop offerings in 2023. Reminder of 2 hour Trustee Educational requirement.

Items for Discussion/Resolution:

· After discussion, a motion was made by Sarah, seconded by Chris and unanimously approved “that the PCL Treasurer, currently Sheryl LaDelfa, be named as the person designated to communicate, when necessary, with the First National Bank of Omaha for matters involving the PCL credit card account.

· After discussion, a motion was made by Barb, seconded by Sarah and unanimously approved “that the PCL Secretary, currently Sandra Goehle, be authorized to verify, by her signature, certain forms and official copies of Board Minutes as may be required by any bank that PCL does business with.”

· After discussion, a motion was made by Chris, seconded by Sarah and unanimously approved “to authorize the Treasurer to “ roll over” the PCL Memorial Fund CD at the bank that offers the best rate.”

· Mike shared that, at this point, there are 2 interested candidates for the October Trustee vote. Mike will ask Ron Kirsop about the process if we don’t have a third candidate.

· Mike reviewed and discussed the Trustee Handbook, pages 51-58, the Budgets and Finance section.

A motion was made by Sarah, seconded by Chris and unanimously approved to “adjourn at 7:55”.

Next meeting- Thursday, September 21, 2023, 6:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Poupart / Sandy Goehle

Upcoming Events at PCL: Please refer to the Summer newsletter, PCL website or call the Library to check out all that’s going on.

Strategic Plan 2023-2027:

· Develop a plan to replace the culvert under the South driveway entrance.

· Develop a plan for the use of the current garage space.

· Offer programs that appeal to community members.

· Offer collections in multiple formats that reflect current interests and needs of community members.

· Increase community awareness of PCL services through the use of social media, social marketing, etc.

· Increase collaboration with community organizations.

· Adapt PCL services and offerings to the ever growing and ever changing world of technology.

· Explore new and innovative technologies that could provide savings in utility costs, etc.

· Continue to develop a long term financial plan that will maximize use of PCL resources as well as ensure the funding necessary to cover projected annual operational expenses.

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