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June Minutes

Palmyra Community Library Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2023, 6:30 p.m.

Present: Sandy Goehle, Mike Braell, Sharon Sweeney, Sarah Wimer, Mary Beth Poupart, Sheila Koeberle-Library Manager, Sheryl Ladelfa-Treasurer

Excused: Chris Ossont, Barb Lloyd

Mike opened the meeting at 6:30.


Meeting Minutes:

Upon a motion made by Mary Beth and seconded by Mike, “ the amended minutes of the May 18, 2023 Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting were unanimously approved.”

Director's Report:

Upon a motion made by Sarah and seconded by Sharon, “Sheila's Library Manager’s Report for May 2023 was unanimously accepted.”

Treasurer's Report:

Upon a motion made by Sarah and seconded by Mary Beth, “the May 2023 Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved, including Abstract #6, vouchers 2023-85--- 2023-104, with $11,850.94 funds requested and approximately $17,500 for payroll transferred.” Sheryl reported receipt of a check from the PCL Fund in June. Sheryl expressed concern over increasing fees being charged for the bookkeeping software she uses for PCL finances. She plans to check with other area libraries to see how they’re handling this expense.

Public Comment: none


Finance Committee: Met June 14, 2023, minutes have been digitally shared. Mike shared a draft of a PCL Online Banking Policy for Board discussion.

Policy Committee: Did not meet, but will review the PCL Online Banking Policy draft and prepare it for Board approval.

Facilities Committee: Sarah shared the June 8 meeting minutes digitally and highlighted a few issues.

Evaluation Committee: Did not meet.

Upcoming Trustee Workshops:

Check the OWWL website for new Trustee workshop offerings in 2023. There are several workshops of interest coming up. Reminder of 2 hour Trustee Educational requirement.

Items for Discussion/Resolution:

· After discussion, a motion was made by Sharon, seconded by Mary Beth and unanimously approved to “ authorize that Patricia’s name be removed and that Sheila’s name should be added as a signatory on all of the PCL bank accounts.”

· Discussion of the recent Dixie Pritte awards ceremony ensued. While turnout was low, all agreed a sociable evening was enjoyed by all present.(It was noted the ceremony was held at a busy time of year and in the midst of a rainstorm.)

· Mike reminded the Board of the October Election of Trustees, with 3 seats open. He also shared a draft of Trustee Responsibilities, with the suggestion of sharing it with any prospective candidates.

· Mike had digitally shared the PCL’s Enabling Legislation with trustees and highlighted some important components. It was valuable to check back and see how the creation of the current PCL came about and how this document guides everyday operation.

A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to “adjourn at 8:00”. Mike invited all Trustees to tour the rear of the Library building, including the medical loan closet and a former apartment space, which may have implications for future use.

Next meeting- Thursday, July 20, 2023, 6:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Goehle

Upcoming Events at PCL: Please refer to the Summer newsletter, PCL website or call the Library to check out all that’s going on.

Strategic Plan 2023-2027:

· Develop a plan to replace the culvert under the South driveway entrance.

· Develop a plan for the use of the current garage space.

· Offer programs that appeal to community members.

· Offer collections in multiple formats that reflect current interests and needs of community members.

· Increase community awareness of PCL services through the use of social media, social marketing, etc.

· Increase collaboration with community organizations.

· Adapt PCL services and offerings to the ever growing and ever changing world of technology.

· Explore new and innovative technologies that could provide savings in utility costs, etc.

· Continue to develop a long term financial plan that will maximize use of PCL resources as well as ensure the funding necessary to cover projected annual operational expenses.

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